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Hair Colouring

People Hair colouring can be done at home or at a salon by a professional. Most people colour their hair at home because it is much cheaper than going to a salon.

At home hair colouring is easy to do and inexpensive. You can choose from permanent colour, semi-permanent colour, high lights or even streaks. At home hair colouring kits can be found in any drugstore and come with easy to follow instructions.

If you want to have a dramatic colour change, choose a permanent hair colour. These dyes will give you the strongest colour and won't wash out. With permanent hair colour, you will have visible roots as your hair grows.

If you want a more subtle colour or just want to try out a new colour for a short time, choose a semi-permanent dye. Semi-permanent dyes wash out gradually over time leaving no visible roots.

When you are colouring your own hair at home, make sure that you are wearing old clothes and using old towels that you don't mind getting dirty. You will inevitably get dye on these items and it may not wash out. It's also a good idea to have a friend help you to make sure that you aren't missing any areas of your hair.