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Hair Products

Some of the best selling hair products are hair styling products. There are many types of hair styling products so shopping for them can be confusing. You can use trial and error with several types of products from the drugstores or you can just ask your hairdresser what would work best for your hair.

The three main hair styling products are hairspray, mousse and gel. They style you are trying to achieve will determine which product you should use. Read the labels to see what each product is designed to do.

Hairspray is used to hold any type of hairstyle in place. Hairspray comes in a variety of holds ranging from light and natural to extreme hold.

Mousse is used to achieve a more natural look. Work this product into wet hair and then style as usual. Mousse can give you light to strong levels of hold.

Gel will provide the strongest hold of all but does come in different levels of hold. This product can be used in wet or dry hair.