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Hair Dyes

There are three main types of hair dye to choose from permanent, semi-permanent and those that come out in one washing.

Permanent dyes give the most dramatic colour and don't come out when you wash your hair. You will have visible roots as your hair grows when you use permanent hair dye.

Semi-permanent dye washes out gradually and leaves no visible roots. This type of hair dye is a good choice if you don't want a dramatic change or if you just want to try out a new hair colour for a short time.

If you only want to change your hair colour for one day or night, you can find some hair dyes that come out as soon as you wash your hair. These are good for events like Halloween.

There are many different brands of hair dye and you can find a large variety at any drugstore. Some brands specialize in natural tones while others will provide you with brighter, more dramatic colours.