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Hair Removal

Every man and woman deals with some sort of hair removal product. There are many choices when it comes to hair removal products but the three main options are razors, depilatories, and waxing.

If you choose to use razors, you still have several choices. You may want to use disposables or buy a refillable razor that you just need to buy replacement blades for. Most people agree that refillable razors are best. Their blades tend to be better and provide a closer shave with less irritation.

Whether you choose to use disposable razors or a refillable one, you still have a few more options. Razors come with two or three blades and with or without a moisturizing strip. Some refillable razors even come with protective wires over the blades to help prevent cuts.

If you don't want to deal with replacing blades and want to prevent cuts, you can buy an electric razor. Some of these even come with shaving cream right in the razor.

Another hair removal product is depilatory creams. These creams have traditionally been sold to women but are now being sold to men as well. Depilatories chemically dissolve hair and claim to last longer than shaving. Depilatory creams can be too harsh for some people with sensitive skin.

Waxing is the hair removal technique that will last longest of all. Waxing involves applying a sticky product to hair and then basically ripping it out by the root. While the most painful of all hair removal products, waxing will last the longest. Waxing products can be bought at the drugstore for use at home or you can go to a professional.