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Hair Replacement

For many people, hair loss can be quite traumatic. Some simply learn to live with it, others choose to wear a hair piece and others opt for hair replacement. This procedure, also known as a hair transplant, is best for people who have lost hair due to genetics, burns or medical conditions.

During hair replacement healthy hair, follicles and tissue are taken from donor sites and transplanted or grafted into small slits in balding areas. In order to be a candidate for hair replacement, you need to have a large enough area of healthy hair growth to provide donor hair.

Hair is first transplanted to the front and sides of the head and areas around the face because these are the most visible areas. The back of the head will receive transplants last. You may need one or more procedures in order to achieve full coverage.

In past years, hair replacement did not result in a natural look. Large groups of hairs were transplanted at once which resulted in a “corn row” or “doll's hair” effect. Now, individual hairs or much smaller groups of hairs can be transplanted. This results in a much more natural look.