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Hair Piece

For some people who don't like balding, a hair transplant is not an option. They choose to wear a hair piece. Whether you've lost hair due to genetics or an illness, you can find a hair piece that will work for you.

When you decide to wear a hair piece, it's important that you find one that looks natural. Get one that is made from human hair in the same colour as your natural hair colour. The base of the hair piece will be made of netting or silicon that is shaped to your head. The silicon base will look most natural. It's best to have a hair piece custom made for you so that it will fit your head and blend well with your own remaining hair.

The price of a hair piece can vary widely based on quality. Always get the best quality hair piece that you can afford. It will look much more natural. Remember that you will be wearing this out in public and a bad hair piece will look like a bad hair piece.

You might want to buy two hair pieces so that you always have one to wear while the other is being cleaned. Your hair piece will get dirty just as your natural hair does so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Repairs will also be needed from time to time. Hair pieces should be replaced every three to five years.