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Hair Loss

People lose their hair for many reasons. They may be genetically predisposed to hair loss, suffer from a disease that causes them to lose their hair, have gone through a highly stressful time in their lives or suffered a burn or other accident. No matter how someone lost their hair, they probably want to replace it in one form or another.

Hair loss products come in the form of pills and topical creams. There are a few choices of products out there so consult your doctor to see which is best for you.

One popular hair loss medication is Propecia. This medication is designed for mild to moderate male pattern baldness and is taken in pill form once a day. Propecia uses the drug finasteride to decrease hair loss and increase hair growth on the top of the head. This medication is not effective for a receding hair line. It is very important that women do not take or handle these pills as they have been shown to cause birth defects.

Another hair loss medication that everyone has heard of is Rogaine. This medication uses the drug minoxidil and comes in formulations for men and women. Rogaine is a lotoon that is rubbed into the scalp twice a day and claims to re-grow hair by stimulating and enlarging hair follicles. You must use Rogaine for about four months before you will start to see results. If you stop using Rogaine you will continue to lose hair.